About Me

Hi, I’m Adam.

I’ve always been really interested in pushing the boundaries and challenging the status quo. I really enjoy coming up with simple and elegant solutions to problems. I’m passionate about building things which really make a difference to people. For these reasons, I have always been drawn to entrepreneurship.

So, a few years ago after finishing university, I decided to turn down the corporate job offers and try to make it on my own. Since then, I have been working and experimenting with a number of different business ideas. Even though I know most won’t catch on, I’m positive that I will learn a tonne along the way!

Since university I have experimented in property development and more recently tested out the concept of group buying for cars (Carjoy.com.au).  I’m currently looking for my next adventure.

In order to pay the bills, when I am not working on business concepts,  I am finishing off my PhD in structural engineering.

So, if you are interested in startups, business, research, small business or are simply looking for something to read, please subscribe and come along for the ride with me.

Lets go!



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